Bee Engineering’s annual turnover amounts to € 6.2M

Bee Engineering recorded a turnover of 6.2 M € in fiscal year 2019. For the 24% increase over the same year, the consolidation of the Outsourcing Consulting, Managed Services, Turn-Key area and the Management team contributed . Geographically, operations are already expanding throughout the national territory, with growth led by the consolidation of activity in the north of the country. International businesses, with a focus on expansion in the EMEA area, also contributed to the positive result of 2019. Throughout the year, new investments were made that helped the company’s affirmation: the creation of a Managed Services unit and the repositioning of interactive digital experiences from Nectar Interactive, which accelerates brands and businesses by applying video game mechanics to real business challenges.

The growth plan for 2020 is planned: to increase the billing results of the office that serves the Port and North of the country and of global operations with particular focus on the markets of France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Senegal; reinforce Nectar Interactive as a leader in Portugal in the area of ​​gamified digital experiences, and launch the first video game to the public; increase the number of employees in “core” areas.

The goal of strengthening the team for 2020 will be possible with the expansion of the 360º talent capture and enhancement program, designed internally. Acts on the inclusion of new talents based on their competence, regardless of their age, gender, country of origin or physical disabilities. It is also a goal to continue to extend the communication of the Bee Engineering experience to a growing audience, such as technological events in the university environment, such as the 10th Bee Tech at ISTEC, the increase of partnerships with educational institutions, companies and organizations. (from CCIP and AICEP to the Charter of Diversity).

For José Leal e Silva, Executive Director of Bee Engineering: “Our goal is 2020 is to consolidate Bee Engineering as a reference in the sector of information and communication technologies, continuing the work of excellence to which our customers, partners and contributors. This year the focus will be on increasing operations in Porto and the North and internationally. In this way, the community of technology enthusiasts that make up our company will continue to grow in a sustained manner ”.

Bee Engineering

Bee Engineering is an Engineering and Technology consultant founded in 2010. It has a presence in Portugal, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and has more than 800 employees innovating projects with global reach. In Lisbon, Porto and Amsterdam there is a team of 163 professionals working in Consulting, Research and Development, Games and Training. In 2019, turnover was 6.2 million euros, a year-on-year growth of 24%. Bee Engineering is one of the brands of the international group HIQ Consulting, which has more than 5500 employees in 11 European countries.

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