Begin 2020 to the sound of ABBA and have a delicious dinner!

The English band is enthusiastically received wherever it goes, forming a gigantic wave that takes us back to other times. As in ABBA times, the halls fill up and the atmosphere experienced during the shows goes hot when the ABBA Gold interpret themes such as “Mama Mia”, “Chiquitita”, “Waterloo”, “Fernando”, “Voulez”-vous “, among others.

Everything is thought to the smallest detail, but what will surely delight everyone is to relive all the classics live.An unforgettable and obligatory night for any ABBA fan and anyone who wants to know their work better.

Special participation:
Feist Company
Guest Bands:
Bohemian Quintet
State of mind
Hours: 20:30
Recommended Attire: Tuxedo
Price: € 350 (Dinner € 125 | Show € 225) | Includes Welcome Drink, Dinner, Show and Supper)
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