Belgian Jaguar Jaguar win 24th Festival Thermometer

The Belgian Jaguar Jaguar won the 24th Thermometer Festival on Saturday, in Lisbon, a Portuguese contest to promote new music talent created in 1994, the organization said.

The final of the Thermometer Festival took place on Saturday night at the Sao Jorge cinema in Lisbon, with performances by the finalist artists: Jaguar Jaguar (Belgium), Maro (Portugal), Gator the Alligator (Portugal), Musculo! (Spain) and Kings of the Beach (Spain).

The Jaguar Jaguars come from Belgium and were born last summer, after a holiday that the musicians spent in Spain. Between the beach and the improvised studio at home, they wrote songs “that resulted in melodic and captivating tracks,” the festival said.

The group will now have the opportunity to perform at the NOS Alive festivals (in July on the Passeig Marítimo de Algés) and Bons Sons (in August in Cem Soldos), will record a ‘video clip’ and will have access to 20 hours of studio recording.

The five finalists of this year were chosen in nine qualifiers, which took place in other Portuguese cities (Ponta Delgada, Porto, Cascais, Viseu, Lisbon, Aveiro, Funchal, Évora and Faro).

In the year it first reached the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, participation in the contest was reopened to bands from all over Europe.

From the jury were the promoters Álvaro Covões, Luís Montez and João Carvalho, the director of Bons Sons, Luís Sousa Ferreira, the journalist Nuno Galopim, the broadcaster Henrique Amaro and the musicians Hélio Morais, Samuel Úria, Joaquim Albergaria, Ana Bacalhau, Pedro of Tróia, Pedro Mafama, João Vieira, Jorge Romão, José Pedro Leitão, David Santos and Alex D’alva Teixeira.

Since 1994, more than 500 bands and artists have participated in the Thermometer Festival, including Ornatos Violeta, B Facade, Capicua, DJ Ride, Mazgani, Ana Bacalhau, David Fonseca, Noiserv, Richie Campbell, Whales, Salto and Tatanka.

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