“Believer” is Electric Man’s new single

“Believer” is Electric Man’s new single. For those who follow the musician’s work, “Believer” is not an obvious theme, as the environment is “darker” than we’ve been used to, with industrial music features.

However, it is easy to recognize the sound of Electric Man in “Believer”, somewhere between rock and electronic music, his identity, without repeating any formula.

The video that illustrates “Believer”, directed by Sbrugens, reveals a sui generis dinner, where we are faced with the strange relationship between different characters with their beliefs and obsessions, in an unusual allusion to the “new deadly sins”. The message echoes through an absurd universe (nonsense), leaving different interpretations open to the viewer and listener.

Electric Man is Tito Pires, solo and in one man band format. Appears in 2015 due to the insatiable need to make music and build a stable project where he could have complete freedom and not depend on the vulnerability that the bands he belonged to used to. Electric Man thus becomes Tito Pires’ vehicle of artistic expression, where the music takes place between electronic beats, looped guitars in a creative game of effects, theremin reveries, synthesizers and voice.

“Electric Man”, the debut album published in the same year, marks the beginning of the journey that took the musician to several stages from north to south of the country. In 2017, with “Electric Domestique”, he explored in the best way the art of making and recording music at home. 2020 saw two new singles from Electric Man: “Much More Space”, which featured Suspiria Franklyn, former lead singer of Les Baton Rouge; and “Modern Machine”, a song where he explored in a mordant way the result of the bionic connection between Man and the machine, and the excessive narcissism found in social networks. 2021 brings more new Electric Man music. It’s called “Believer” and is marked by a “darker” environment, with industrial music ripples.

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