Benfica beats Braga SC in the Women’s League (2-1)

Benfica went to Braga to guarantee an important triumph, by 2-1, and, in this way, continues in the pursuit of the leader, Sporting.

In a balanced game, the null was only released in the 59th minute, when Andreia Norton, from a penalty, opened the asset for the Minho women. However, just five minutes later, Nycole Raysla, also in the penalty spot, drew for the red.

The Brazilian, who would end up being the great figure of the match, would reach the encore shortly after, following a reload to a shot by Christy Ucheibe, who had been defended by Lu Pinheiro.

With this victory, Benfica reaches 24 points, being only one of Sporting. It should be remembered that on the 14th and final round of this phase of champion qualification there will be an eternal derby, with the lionesses receiving the eagles.

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