Benfica beats Santa Clara and maintains the lead

Against facts, there are no arguments. In Bruno Lage’s 30 Liga appearances, the Benfica coach has led the team to 28 wins, having only a draw (Belenenses SAD) last season and a defeat against FC Porto this season.

This Saturday, Benfica added another triumph against Santa Clara, and remains in the top flight of the I Liga, with five points more than FC Porto (who plays today against Boavista), but can not circumvent the display. Internal results continue to appear, but the level of play of the incarnated team seems to be getting lower and lower.

Slow processes, repeated errors, very static players, predictable moves. In the first half of the match at Estádio São Miguel, there was a desert of ideas and not a chance to score at the break. In the second half things got better, but the brilliance didn’t come into play.

It is notorious that Benfica are going through a less good moment on display but it is also true that this season has not yet seen the quality of last season. Bruno Lage said before the meeting with Santa Clara that it is not for a less positive result that one should change course. But if this continues, the less positive results risk increasing.

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