Benfica beats Vitória SC in Lisbon

Although Vitoria was the best in the match, it was Benfica who reached the goal. On 37 minutes, Chiquinho redeemed himself and opened the scoring in Luz with a dry and low shot that left Douglas without reaction.

In the second half, Benfica came in better while Vitória SC seemed to have lost their offensive glow. Ivo Vieira’s men failed numerous passes in the second half, contrary to what they had done in the first 45 minutes.

Ivo Vieira bet everything in the last minutes and even gave up a midfielder, Poha, to launch forward João Pedro. After two minutes, the young victorian even scored, but was out of play.

Benfica would, however, end the sentence on 87 minutes thanks to a goal from Seferovic after a cross from Rafa Silva.

The home team won and postponed the FC Porto party for at least another 24 hours. Tomorrow it is enough for FC Porto to draw against Sporting, and they win the championship.

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