Benfica becomes national champion of volleyball in the house of Sporting

Eagles won the title that was, to this day, in the possession of the lions.

In a high-intensity duel, Benfica became the national volleyball champion on Thursday after beating the Lions in the fourth game of the play-off final, following a win for three matches to a [19-25, 25 -23, 25-16 and 25-19].

Hugo Silva’s team were forced to win to lead the final to the fifth and final game and even started in the best way, with victory in the first set.

Nevertheless, the commanders of Marcel ended up applying the ‘final ax’ in the following three sets and, thus, transforming the João Rocha Pavilion into the house of the incarnations.

Recall that the play-off final began with a lions triumph in the first challenge [3-0], trailing the Eagles in the next three meetings [3-0, 3-2 and 3-1].

The formation led by Marcel Matz ended the season with a full of achievements. In addition to the championship, he won the Portuguese Cup and the Super Cup.

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