Benfica defeats Sporting and wins the Super Cup in Algarve

A balanced game in the first half, but a second half in which Benfica was superior, dominated, achieved and won their eighth Super Cup.

Sporting were beaten 5-0 by Benfica, who won the Super Cup at Estádio do Algarve.

With a balanced first half, Sporting lost in the second half and Benfica dominated the game. Benfica’s constant strikes have left Sporting bewildered and unable to contain Benfica

Sporting entered with a line of 5 defenders, which surprised Bruno Lage. Sporting with a good opening, who could have given a goal after a mistake by Ferro but was well worth the attention of Odysseas.

Benfica began to dominate the game slowly and eventually took over the pace of the match. But even with less ball, Sporting was creating danger on goal and twice Bruno Fernandes was close to goal. But Odysseas was motivated, was on target and in the first half made three excellent saves.

And so Benfica reached the goal on 40 minutes. A well-measured Pizzie Rafa pass with a great shot opened the scoring.

Second part a red tide that sank Sporting
In the second half Rafa and Pizzi switched and it was the 21 of Benfica to score, after a mistake by Mathieu. With this goal Sporting fell, and four minutes later, another goal for Benfica, by Grimaldo free-kick and the result went to 3-0, but the worst was not over yet.

Sporting had no north, defense lost, and Benfica kept pace, and on 75 minutes, Rafa and Pizzi again scored, and Rafa served Pizzi for 4-0.

The goal ended with Chiquinhoa’s goal on 90 minutes, marking the 5-0 in a very uneven Super Cup game.


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