Benfica draws with Setúbal

This Saturday, after losing the lead to FC Porto in the last round, the Eagles slid again in Bonfim and went no further than a draw to a goal against Vitória FC, in a game of the 24th round of the I League. Carlinhos scored for the sadinos and Pizzi scored the only goal for the red team from a penalty.

In a completely different two-part game, if the first was a complete desert of ideas, few goals and little football, the second half improved significantly.

Vitória FC came in hard and was awarded with a goal in the first minute of the second half Shortly afterwards, Benfica managed to reach the tie, but always did very little to get past the sad wall in a straight game. Pizzi had on his feet, again from a penalty, the goal that could give the three points to the reds, but from the 11 meter mark he faltered again, in the image of what happened in the last game against Moreirense.

The lack of confidence is evident in the Benfica team and there are several under-performing players. Bruno Lage has to ‘punch the table’, not least because in the last 5 rounds he already has more draws and defeats (2 draws, 2 defeats) than in his first 38 rounds in I Liga under the technical command of the Luz team.

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