Benfica futsal champion

Benfica wins the last game of the playoff final, beating Sporting in the Luz pavilion, 4-3.

Benfica won the national futsal championship, a title that faded from 2015, winning Sporting, who tried the unprecedented four-time 4-3 victory in the fifth and final game of the playoff final.

The first part of the meeting at the Pavilion of Light was electrifying. The game began with Benfica, in the space of seconds, to score twice for Raúl Campos.

Sporting did not let themselves be affected and reached the tie, by Cardinal and Léo. But Benfica returned to the front with goals from Bruno Coelho and Raúl Campos.

Even before reaching the break, Rocha, from free, scored the third for Sporting. And when it was expected the entry into force of Sporting exactly the opposite, the second time, was of very low intensity.

The emotion only came six seconds from the end, when Cavinato shot Roncaglio’s first-half goal, and the final score was 4-3.

Benfica wins the eighth national futsal champion title in their history.

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