Benfica gives 16-0 to Ouriense and is in the socks of the Women’s Cup

Second-division Benfica thrashed home the Ouriense, eighth in the main league by 16-0 with eight goals each and qualified for the semi-finals of the Portuguese women’s soccer cup.

Darlene and Geyse, both with four goals, Evy Pereira and Tayla, who scored, Yasmim, Sílvia Rebelo, Lara Pintassilgo and Catarina Rodrigues, in their own goal, sealed the triumph of Benfica, who reached the interval to win by 8 -0.

In the Portuguese Cup, Benfica had already win Palmelense (20-0), Torreense (16-0), Marítimo (5-1 away) in the first division, and Ribeirão (21-0).

Counting all official matches in 2018/19, the formation ‘incarnate’ adds 21 wins, in 21 games, with 351 goals scored and only one suffered.

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