Benfica gives leadership to Porto after draw with Moreirense

SL Benfica drew with Moreirense at home 1 goal, and already knowing that they would have to win to maintain the leadership of the first league.

Benfica drew already in the time of discounts, with Moreirense, and thus avoided defeat at home, but did not prevent the loss of leadership to Porto that beat Santa Clara in the Azores, games that completed the 23rd round of the national championship.

Moreirense was the first to score, by Fábio Abreu in the 67th minute, and it was Pizzi who avoided losing in the game’s discounts, in the reload, the penalty, which he scored but failed.

With the home team coming in strong and from the beginning looking for the goal they needed to keep the lead, but Moreirense was not afraid, he always had a defence up to the game.

Despite Benfica dominating, both teams had opportunities to score, Grimaldo of free-kick saw Iago Santos, in the attempt to cut almost scored goal.

Then it was Fábio Abreu, of the visitors, to shoot out in the small area and without opposition, after a cross that hit Tomás Tavares in the back.

Carlos Vinícius, on 23 minutes, had a new opportunity, but Rosic on top of the line, this was the best opportunity of the first half. On 26 minutes, another opportunity for Moreirense, after Benfica’s defensive failure, Vlachodimos cut the throw with his feet, ahead of Fábio Abreu, who appeared isolated in front of him.

Already finishing the first part, Grimaldo crosses with Rúben Dias to deflect, but out, and again Grimaldo to cross but Pasinato attentive saves for the post. The second part starts almost with the penalty committed by Gabrielzinho, for hand on the ball, Pizzi in the mark misses the target and sends out.

Rafa would end up scoring in the 50th minute, but the VAR annulled the throw, by arm in the ball of Pizzi, before the pass to Rafa. And Benfica’s inefficiency would come to reward Moreirense, in the 67th minute, the crux of Abdu Conté, Fábio Abreu anticipates Ferro and scores the visiting team’s goal.

Without Benfica’s reaction, Moreirense was close to scoring again, in the 80th minute, but Pedro Nuno shot wide. Without time, Benfica had the opportunity to score, another penalty, punishing the lack of Fábio Veríssimo over Cervi in ​​the penalty area.

Pizzi was called again and failed again, but in the reload he scored the equalizer, which ended the match at Estádio da Luz.

Benfica is now in second with 58 points, less 1 than Porto, and Moreirense also added 1 point, is now in 11th position with 27 points.

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