Benfica guarantees rise to the I League of portuguese women’s football

Benfica has now secured a place in the Portuguese women’s football league by beating Estoril 8-0 at Seixal on Matchday 8 of the second round of the national championship.

The result assured the ‘incarnates’ the first place of the South Series and, consequently, the rise of step, besides the presence in the final that will be played in two hands, on 16 and 23 June.

Despite Maiara’s goal in the sixth minute, Estoril remained faithful to their game plan, which was to delay as much as possible predicted the defeat of the ‘incarnates’, but the resistance lasted only until the second goal of Benfica, signed by Evy Pereira (32).

In the interval the ‘eagles’ already win by 4-0, thanks also to the goals of Ana Vitória (34) and Darlene Rodrigues (44), of a direct corner, who opened the doors of the thrashing.

In the second half, the game continued in a ‘one-way’ and the score went up with goals from Ana Alice (47), Evy Pereira (54), Andreia Faria (86) and Ana Vitória (87).

The game was also marked by a scare, already in a period of discounts, when Brazilian head Ana Alice fell inanimate on the pitch and had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital, despite having recovered the senses in the place.

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