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Benfica loses to German giant

Champions League

Bayern came to Lisbon and beat Benfica by 4-0, in a game where Neuer and Vlachodimos shone, Sané was the man of the game, where the Germans decimated Jorge Jesus’ team in 15 minutes.

Benfica hosted for the third round of the Champions League, the giant Bayern Munich, it was already known it was not an easy game, and in recent years, the Portuguese teams that played with Bayern risked or suffered heavy defeats.

The Portuguese team conceded 4 goals in 15 minutes, but before conceding these, they conceded two that were not validated, the referee, Ovidiu Hategan, invalidated two goals against the Germans – the first by hand on the ball and the second by offside.

Benfica also had opportunities that Neuer, opposed, to individual moves by Darwin, Diogo Gonçalves e Yaremchuk, moments before Bayern’s first goal, were close to scoring, but the individual quality of the players but also as a team of the Germans, would end for being decisive, Sané, with two goals, an own goal by Everton and Lewandowski gave the victory to Bayern.

After the draw in Kiev and the 3-0 victory against Barcelona, ​​Benfica lost for the first time in the Champions League, and the accounts at the end of the first round are, Bayern, with nine points in first, Benfica in second with four points, one more than Barcelona, ​​at last with one point is Dynamo Kiev, who lost to Barcelona in this journey.

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