Benfica trashes again in the Women’s League

Benfica won against Ovarense 7-0. There are 31 goals in two games

Another game, another rout applied by Benfica in the main echelon of Portuguese women’s football. After the 24-0 imposed on the reception of A-dos-Francos, the team went to Aveiro to beat Ovarense by 7-0.

The scorer started to work after ten minutes, thanks to a goal signed by Lúcia Alves. From then on, the home team could not demonstrate any responsiveness.

The remaining goals in the afternoon were handled by Darlene and Geyse. Both players of the club of Luz made the taste on foot three times.

With this triumph, Benfica will add six points and ‘stick’ to Football Benfica at the top of the standings. Already Ovarense, still without any points won, remains in the last places of the table.

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