Benfica trashes Zenit in the Youth League

This is the second best result ever of eagles away from home in the competition.

Umaro Embaló, Tiago Gouveia (2), Tiago Dantas (2), Ronaldo Camará and Jair Tavares scored and inscribed their name on a historic result for Benfica on Wednesday. The eagles beat Zenit 7-1 in St. Petersburg on Matchday 2 of the UEFA Youth League group stage.

In a game of clear control of the red team, the first goal was born after minute 2. Umaro Embaló .. rocked Benfica to the second best result of the club, away from home, in the competition. Better only the 11-1 in 2015/16 against Galatasaray.

Eleven from Benfica: Celton Biai; João Ferreira, Pedro Alvaro, Morato, Fabio Baptista, Rafael Brito, Ronaldo Camará, Tiago Dantas, Umaro Embaló, Tiago Gouveia and Gonçalo Ramos.

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