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Benfica wins the first Futsal Women’s League Cup

Women's Futsal - League Cup

A final of great quality faced Benfica, a team that has dominated women’s futsal in Portugal and Nun’Álvares, which proved to be a much more difficult team than at first sight Benfica could have thought.

The Lisbon team won the 1st edition of the Women’s Futsal League Cup against Nun’Álvares, Fafe’s team, if the national three-time champions were naturally favourites, Fafe’s team gave a very good reply.

Benfica reached the first goal on 7′ by Janice who steals the ball from Maria Odete, goalkeeper of Nun’Álvares, Janice who would score 2 more goals on 19′ and 36 minutes, being the player featured in this match, the other Benfica goal was scored by Sara on 22′.

Nun’Álvares, who never stopped attacking, would end up scoring 2 goals in the second half, the first by Cátia Morgado who reduced it to 1-3 and then by Ana Catarina fixed the final result at 2-4.

This was the 1st edition of the Women’s Futsal League Cup, it was held at Pavilhão Multiusos de Sines.

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