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Benfica wins Youth League

UEFA Youth League

Benfica wins Youth League for the 1st time, with Henrique Araújo in the spotlight with three goals from the 6-0 victory in a final that had already taken place in 2016/17, but with the victory smiling to the Austrians.

This was Benfica’s fourth final of the UEFA Youth League, the Youth Champions League, and this time Benfica not only won but thrashed Salzburg 6-0.

The Portuguese team at two minutes was already winning with a goal from Martim Neto, with a devilish start, Luís Castro’s team, scored the second shortly after by Henrique Araújo, a result with which they reached the break.

Benfica returned for the second half, wanting to put an end to the Austrians’ aspirations to turn the score around, and in the 53rd minute, Cher Ndour extended the lead, for Henrique Araújo, in front of Stejskal, to score 4-0.

Luís Semedo in the 69th minute scored the fifth for the Portuguese team and Henrique Araújo, from the penalty spot, in the 89th minute finished the count at Colovray Stadium.

Benfica participated in four finals, with three defeats against Barcelona 3-0 in 2013/14, with Salzburg 2-1 in 2016/17 and Real Madrid 3-2 in 2019/20.

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