Benfica wins 24-0 against A-dos-Francos in their debut in the Women’s League

Benfica, a recent Super Cup winner, made their debut today in the Women’s League, beating GDC A-dos-Francos 24-0 at a match at Tapadinha Stadium in Lisbon.

Cloe (five), Lucia Alves (four), Darlene and Evy Pereira (both three), Daiane (two) and Yasmin, Pauleta, Silvia Rebelo, Andreia Faria, Ana Vitória and Geyse (all one) scored the goals of ‘eleven’ Luís Andrade, who still benefited from a own goal.

The ‘incarnate’ group, who led 17-0 at the break, are completing their first season in the Major League, after 2018/19, in their debut in women’s football, winning the secondary league and the Portuguese Cup.

The first round of the Women’s League has the ‘big’ game scheduled for Monday, with the ‘vice’ Sporting receiving the Sporting de Braga title.

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