Benfica with five goals against Santa Clara

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Benfica went to the Azores, to play the 1st League game and ended the game with a “fat” victory by 5-0, before the first game for the Champions League, against Dynamo Kiev.

It was Santa Clara that best started the game, being the first to create danger, even took the ball to the crossbar, but it was super effective and in the first throw of danger, scored by Rodrigo Pinho, this was his first goal.

Darwin who scored twice, Rafa Silva and Roman Yaremchuk were the scorers of the remaining goals all in the second half, which the Lisbon team dominated.

The team Açoriana was not intimidated by the “great” of Lisbon and began to dominate the game, with Vlachodimos shining in the Benfica team, opportunities for Santa Clara followed, first by Rui Costa for the safe defence of the Benfica’s goalkeeper, then it was Cryzan who missed the close range.

Vlachodimos would then be penalized with a yellow card after a foul on Mansur. Lincoln had two more glaring opportunities, first taking the ball to the crossbar and then with a strong shot that Benfica’s goalkeeper, matched with superb defence.


It was with the game in the hands of Santa Clara that Rodrigo Pinho scored for Benfica, in the face of Marco Pereira after an excellent pass from Grimaldo, the player from the reds scored his first goal in the 41st minute.

It was a completely different Benfica that returned for the second half, and the 5-0 rout is not surprising.

Darwin returned to goals in the 53rd minute, Rafa Silva in the 58th minute scored the goal of the game with a shot from outside the area, Santa Clara after 3-0 had no reaction and no surprise, Darwin scored twice in the 62nd minute, Yaremchuk signed the fifth and last in the 68th minute.

Jorge Jesus, thinking about the first game of the Champions League put João Mário to rest, has an important victory in the Azores, in a journey that has a classic Sporting – Porto, which can give a greater advantage over rivals.

Benfica holds the lead in the championship, has 15 points, Santa Clara is 13th with four points.

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