Benfica x Porto – The classic is tied and Sporting smiles

Sporting is 2 points from celebrating the title after a draw in the classic between Benfica and Porto.

The 31st round of the I Liga brought Sporting closer to winning the title, after yesterday’s 2-0 victory over Rio Ave, the classic that was disputed today between Benfica and Porto in the Luz stadium was of great importance for the three teams, Benfica tried to get closer to the second, Porto, which in case of victory wouldn’t let Sporting escape, of course, the leader, could see the number of points increase for the second.

It was Sporting to win in Luz, with the tie between Benfica and Porto, the Lions increased the advantage for Porto to 8 points with 3 rounds of the Championship final.

Everton at 23‘ and Uribe at 74‘ were the scorers of the classic, but it was marked by two penalties reversed after the referee saw the images of the VAR and a goal scored by Pizzi, because of an offside, even in the last minute.

In a disputed game, with a lot of intensity, many fouls and few chances to score, Porto faster by the flanks in charge of Marega and Luis Díaz, however, Benfica would score first by Everton Cebolinha, who put the ball inside the Marchesín’s nets, with a shot that opened the score in Luz on 23 minutes.

Porto, in response, managed some dangerous moves, but failed to materialize, even before the break Artur Soares Dias scored a penalty from Manafá on Rafa, but after seeing the images he annulled the decision because of an offside of the Benfica striker.

In the second half Porto would come in better, but it would be Benfica who created danger and Soares Dias again scored the penalty and reversed the decision after seeing the images, in the 74th minute, Porto reached the tie by Uribe, with great ease given by Benfica’s last stronghold.

Pizzi also scored for Benfica in the final stretch, but VAR cancelled the goal, Darwin Núñez was offside.

Porto reaches the end of this journey with 71 points, 8 from Sporting, while Benfica now has 67 points.

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