Benjamim creates record label and releases new song

Discos Submarinos is the name of the label conceived and created by Benjamim, who thus fulfils an old desire in partnership with Força de Produção.

Named after his studio (Submarino), the project is a postponed extension of the artist’s artistic work, who recently retired from his frenetic role as a producer to dedicate himself exclusively to his music and the creation of a record label that give all the autonomy and freedom to your editions, as well as leverage new musical collaborations and, at the same time, share that freedom with the curatorship and selection of some projects that are already lined up to integrate the catalogue. It is a space for music to exist freely and independently.

Força de Produção is a step that adds consistency to a work that, until now, has been developing, in a punctual way, with artists of the house and that is now expanding. The challenge launched by Benjamim was immediately embraced, not only because of the desire to continue to tread a solid path of investment and support for projects and artists in which he believes but also because of the confidence in the creativity and vision of the musician with whom he has collaborated since 2020. It is a partnership that arises, like all the ones it establishes, from a sincere personal and professional admiration.

Benjamim – FNAC Live Lisboa 2021 – Pavilhão Carlos Lopes 2021.10.02 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

To mark the birth of Discos Submarinos, next Friday there will be a double musical release in the form of a remix of ‘Incógnito‘, signed by Mirror People – a perfect way to mark the turning of yet another page – and the new ‘Estrada da Luz. A name that assumes, albeit involuntarily, a symbolic role in the representation of what is to come, in the form of a song that promises to make us dance and think about the hot days ahead. At night, the party takes place at the Incógnito track. On the 13th of May, candles are lit at number 37 on Rua Poiais de São Bento, starting at 11 pm, with a mini-concert by Mirror People and Dj Set by various hands to the sound of records by Benjamim, Rui Maia and some friends who will visit Lisbon’s emblematic cellar.

Discos Submarino, emerging.

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