Berlin Theater premieres ‘The Anarchist Bank’ of Fernando Pessoa

‘The Banker Anarchist’ (‘Anarchistischer Bankier’), the work of the writer Fernando Pessoa, rises today on the stages of the Theaterdiscounter, Berlin, in staging, in German, that adapts to Europe today.

The text of the Portuguese writer, created in 1922 and published in the first issue of the Contemporary magazine, remains current, Leopold von Verschuer points out. The producer and actor added that “Pessoa was an enemy of the two extreme positions: radical capitalism and radical political action against it. And just look around us – this is a play for real Europe.”

On stage are two characters, the banker and the friend. “In this tense dialogue, Ulrich Marx and Leopold von Verschuer reveal the connection between anarchy and capitalism,” he says, “the banker explains to his astonished guest why he, a convicted anarchist, was forced to turn to money. the Berlin Theaterdiscounter.”

All my work as an actor, translator and producer have been linked to complex language structures. It seems like music to me and to take it to the stage, in my mouth, it’s like dancing. I feel like a dancer of words. Experiment, in this piece, the fantastic complexity of Pessoa, phrase by phrase, “reveals Verschuer, recognizing the challenge of bringing” The Anarchist Banker “, in German, to the theatre.

The producer and actor of this play still point out that the structure is easy at first: “One man talks a lot, another man hears It seems so simple The true rapture is how to make it a dramatic representation. personal is the same as that of a member of the audience, that is, listening for 85 minutes. Perhaps that is what the present world needs more than ever, to be able to hear.

Ulrich Marx, who plays the role of banker, played the “Anarchistischer Bankier” for the first time 30 years ago. Leopold von Verschuer met him in 1995 when they both planned to play the piece together.

In 1998, Leopold von Verschuer debuted in Portugal with a monologue by Álvaro García de Zúñiga, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

‘The Anarchist Banker’ opens today at the Theaterdiscounter in Berlin with new shows on Friday and Saturday.

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