Berlinale support for Portuguese co-production

The co-production of Portugal and Brazil, ‘Corte Real’, will be supported by the Berlinale World Cinema Fund for 30 thousand euros.

The jury of the 30th session of the Berlinale has recommended contributions to 13 film projects from Argentina, Ecuador, Thailand, the Philippines, Colombia, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal and Brazil.

One of the films is ‘Corte Real’, by Julia de Simone with the production of Anavilhana do Brasil and A stone in the shoe of Portugal, with a support of 30 thousand euros.

In the WCF Europe category, the feature films ‘Anatomy of Time’ was chosen by director Jakrawal Nilthamrong of Thailand,
‘La Jauría’, made by Colombian Andrés Ramírez Pulido.

For production financing WCF:
‘Eureka’, by the Argentine director Lisandro Alonso,
‘Octopus Skin’, made by Ana Cristina Barragán, from Ecuador
‘Las mil y una’, by Clarisa Navas, also from Argentina
‘Aswang’, by Alyx Ayn Cacanindin (Philippines).

With distribution funding through WCF:
‘The Harvesters’ by Etienne Kallos.

Distribution funds for a German release:
‘The submerged family’, by María Alche (Argentina),
‘No Date on Signature’, by Vahid Jalilvand (Iran)
‘The Flower of Mariano LLinás’ (Argentina).

WCF Africa Special Program:
‘Tribunal du Fleuve’, by Alassane Diago (Senegal),
‘The Legend of Queen Vagabond of Lagos’, by the directors Elijah Segun (Nigeria) and James Tyler (South Africa).

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