Bernardo Couto debuts album at CCB

7 pm In-person / 9:30 pm Online

Bernardo Couto will present his debut album in the small auditorium of the CCB

«The idea of ​​this concert is to present to the public the work that the violist Bernardo Saldanha and I dedicated ourselves to during almost the entire confinement. I want to make a contribution, my personal contribution, to the guitar repertoire of Lisbon, with the sole objective that they may one day be played by the city’s guitarists, thus becoming part of this musical heritage where I belong.

The biggest challenge of this project with ten guitars was, from the beginning, to compose something that was in the “language” of the Fado singer of Lisbon but that, at the same time, revealed its own imprint. Only time and the public will tell if that goal has been reached!»

Bernardo Couto

A Portuguese guitar virtuoso, Bernardo Couto edits his first album on the Museu do Fado label. With nine guitars by himself and one by Luís Carlos da Silva, he thus fulfils the objective of giving his personal contribution to the repertoire of guitars in Lisbon. To accompany him on the viola de fado, the complicity of Bernardo Saldanha.

Bernardo Couto has been playing Portuguese guitar since he was 14 years old. His first master was Carlos Gonçalves, to whom he dedicates “Toada Menor”, ​​the opening theme of this album. Later he studied with Paulo Parreira, Ricardo Rocha and Pedro Caldeira Cabral (who signs the arrangement of one of the tracks).

In concert and all over the world, Bernardo Couto has already accompanied artists such as Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Camané, Carminho, Cristina Branco, Mísia and Raquel Tavares, among others. He is part of the LST-Lisboa String Trio-along with guitarist José Peixoto and bassist Carlos Barretto. He is also part of the SUL group, with pianist Luís Figueiredo and bassist Bernardo Moreira. He works regularly with Argentine bandoneonist Martín Sued and plays regularly at the Mesa de Frades fado house.

Bernardo Couto – his homonymous debut album – is the 12th edition of the Museu do Fado Discos.

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