Best tennis players in the world to meet at SBA Tennis Open 2019

From September 1 to 8, the best tennis players in the world will head to São Brás de Alportel to compete in the SBA Tennis Open 2019, a competition for professionals that is part of the world circuit of modality.

The São Brás de Alportel Municipal Tennis Complex, which is part of the Sports and Leisure Park, has been hosting over 80 consecutive days from around 20 countries from around the world, including Portugal, Switzerland, the United States States of America, Germany.

The competition, which is part of the International Tennis Federation’s tournament schedule, features the participation of one of the most recognized tennis players at the national level and the first Portuguese to occupy a place in the world top 100, Frederico Gil.

The games, to win a prize of 15,000.00 dollars, are disputed individually and in pairs, for elimination until the final, to be played on September 8, and whose results contribute to ensure the position of athletes in the ranking worldwide.

This initiative of the São Brás de Alportel Tennis and Paddle Club, in partnership with the municipality of São Brás de Alportel, aims to promote sports activities in the municipality, especially tennis, making known the conditions of the municipality to practice this sport.

Currently, the sport conquers numerous practitioners in the county of which stand out some athletes who are already a reference in the region and the country and who have been integrated into the Portuguese selection of tennis to represent the country beyond borders.

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