BI4ALL launches product area and presents BIA Reporting and BIA Document Recognizer

BI4ALL, a leader in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, launches a new product area and presents the BIA Reporting and BIA Document Recognizer offerings, in response to the current needs of organizations and market requirements and with the aim of improving their performance, making them more agile and competitive.

Decision effectiveness, cost reduction, and process improvement are among the range of priority tasks for current managers. The BIA Reporting and BIA Document Recognizer products allow you to optimize different areas of the organization, automate different processes and offer a complete and intuitive view of the business in an easy and immediate way.

The BIA Reporting product facilitates access to information and makes decisions faster by presenting an unlimited number of Data Analytics reports and dashboards in a single location, information that can be shared with anyone, within the organization or outside.

With quick and intuitive access, it is possible to securely view all company data in one place, consult different reports and compare them to ensure better decisions. BIA Reporting is developed on a cloud platform, it is adaptable and personalized on a case-by-case basis, with the ability to determine specific accesses by users and to develop the collaborative aspect through comments and indications in the files.

The BIA Document Recognizer product is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform that allows any company to extract data from documents, from invoices and receipts to packing lists, and send that information to other platforms.

Automation of processes, reduction of errors, creation, and alteration of templates, intuitive visualization, and integration with existing solutions are some of the benefits of Document Recognizer, which presents, on average, optimization of processes located in more than 70%.

When uploading a document or photo, with Document Recognizer you can extract data automatically, which minimizes errors and frees up employees for more complex and strategic tasks. Thus, it enables the automation of business processes, managing to access information in an intuitive and reliable way.

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