Bia Ferreira returns to Lisbon this weekend

The Brazilian singer-songwriter Bia Ferreira is back in Portugal and Lisbon this Sunday on stage at the Terraço da Casa Capitão.

At 4:00 pm the “revolution” will begin… The last time Bia Ferreira was in Portugal was in November 2019 when she played in the sold out Musicbox room and, days later, at GNRation included in the Festival poster for Gente Setada em Braga.

Both performances were rich in words and chords with a definite and accurate direction to those who watched. By the way, nothing new, considering everything that Bia Ferreira has already achieved throughout her (still) short career in music.

This Sunday (after passing through Coimbra on September 30th at 22:00 at Salão Brazil), she will return to Lisbon to play at the Terrace of Casa Capitão at 16:00. A concert that will at least be memorable, like the artist’s previous passages.

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