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Bia Ferreira always takes the stage with a bang

Musicbox Lisbon

The Brazilian activist left no stone unturned at Musicbox, as always attentive and concise, leading a musical revolution, of customs and ideas, on a night where no one remained indifferent, just as Bia wanted.

Bia Ferreira, Brazilian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and activist returned to Lisbon with a new concert, her first Rap concert, she left her guitar and a certain raw sweetness, with which she won over the audience she defines as “MMP – Música of Black Woman”, which addresses feminism, anti-racism and LGBTphobia, now with a tougher, more direct and perhaps more effective proposal.

Bia Ferreira < 2024.04.01 < Musicbox ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

The singer does not allow herself to be carried away by a friendly line, very characteristic of the Portuguese, and calls everything by name, her themes cover themes such as poor, black and indigenous people, hunger, inequality or police violence, slavery and colonialism or xenophobia and LGBTphobia sometimes hurts to hear, but it’s good, it opens horizons and, as they say, what hurts heals.

Bia Ferreira < 2024.04.01 < Musicbox ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

Guerrilla, resistance and revolution passed through Musicbox, in Lisbon, where Bia recalled some themes from her first album, Igreja Lesbiteriana, but also presented Faminta, always attentive to the political and social situation, left a warning, at this time when there was a political turn in Portugal, something because we spent 4 years, we cannot go back on the difficult and time-consuming achievements that were achieved.

An excellent concert, not just because of the excellent music. She had to open Uma Africana, in a DJ set to warm up the fans who filled the Musicbox and who later accompanied her at the concert.

Bia Ferreira < 2024.04.01 < Musicbox ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

See photos from Bia Ferreira’s concert at Musicbox here

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