Bianca Barros releases her third single ‘Labirinto’

After the radio success ‘Antes da Noite Acabar‘, Bianca Barros presents a new single this Friday, the 28th, entitled ‘Labirinto‘.

With lyrics and music by Bianca herself, ‘Labirinto‘ reflects the feeling of confusion after a love story that remains unfinished. This song talks about wanting to leave a “game” created by a person who “shows signs of wanting to continue in a relationship, but does not admit it and decides to leave because he does not know how to manage the situation”, in the words of the author.

Bianca Barros is taking her first steps as a singer-songwriter, but her connection to music started in her childhood. With hundreds of thousands of streams and views in just two songs released and the song ‘Antes da Noite Acabar‘ reaching top places in the tops of RFM, Rádio Comercial and Shazam, the artist now edits ‘Labirinto‘, with production by João Andre.

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