“Theatre Library”: Companhia Peripécia offers 200 books

Space also had the intervention of a designer

Among the specimens – which the Company has been gathering over the years of activity – stand out complete works of Gil Vicente.

There are about 200 books that make up the “Theatre Library” of Peripécia Teatro, the company of Vila Real, which this year marks 20 years of activity. The project has just been inaugurated and results from the restoration of a caravan previously used by Peripécia, which now gains a new purpose. The works available in the library, acquired by the Company over the years, are now accessible to the community of Vila Real, which can consult and request them on the nights of the initiative “Full Moon, Art in the Village”.

biblioteca de teatro peripécia teatro (1)
“Biblioteca de Teatro” < Companhia Peripécia

Between Gil Vicente and the essentials of Spanish dramaturgy

Complete works by Gil Vicente (from Lello and Irmão), several important titles of the Spanish dramaturgy – as works of the century of Spanish Oro, with authors such as Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina and Calderón de la Barca – and still copies of Peter Brook, Jacques Lecoq, Meyerhold or Stanislavski. These are just some of the references that the community of Vila Real will be able to find in the new “Theatre Library” of Companhia Peripécia. In addition to the books gathered by the Company, the project also has some titles donated by elements of the Vila Real community.

“For various reasons, we have been acquiring and accumulating books over the years, which results in this collection that has been closed,” explains Sérgio Agostinho, co-creator and artistic director of the Company. “It seemed to us, therefore, and also for the quality of the works we have, that it made sense to open these two hundred books to the community, in a perspective of providing access to plays and also the theory linked to theatrical art,” he concluded. Noelia Domínguez, also co-creator and director of Peripécia, adds that “this project is also a way to give a new life to a 1977 caravan, which was the main object of the production ICEBERG – The Last Show, premiered in 2019 and that, meanwhile, left the scene”.

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“Biblioteca de Teatro” < Companhia Peripécia

Space was intervened by illustrator and designer Fátima Bravo

Along with the restoration and adaptation that the elements of the Company carried out, the work of Fátima Bravo also stands out in the process of transforming a caravan into a space capable of receiving two hundred books. The illustrator and designer from the North of the country accepted the challenge of transforming the exterior of the caravan, having held an artistic residence, which lasted about a week.

“My mission as an illustrator was to give a new life to the exterior of the caravan, framing it in a charming setting. Inspired by the universe of books, I created a visual representation that celebrates literature as a door to endless travel”, explains Fátima Bravo, emphasizing the “planets, stars, galaxies, leaves, flowers and plants that, when intertwining their forms, as fictional characters, will jump from the pages to dance along the sides of the caravan”.

The “Theatre Library of Peripécia” will work, in the first phase, on the nights of “Full Moon, Art in the Village” – an initiative of the Company, which takes place monthly in Benagouro, on full moon nights, and which features cultural programming. Books can be consulted in person or requested. The extension of the library’s opening hours will be defined according to the dynamics that the community itself is giving to the project.

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