Biennial of Cultural Heritage opens today in Valladolid

The AR & PA – Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage opens today in Valladolid, Spain, with Portugal presenting several communications on the sector, namely, preliminary results of the study ‘Cultural Heritage in Portugal: economic and social value assessment’.

In the scope of the AR & PA – Iberian Cultural Heritage Biennial, held until Sunday at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center, in that city of the Spanish autonomous region of Castile-Leon, the Technical Days are held, where today the preliminary results of the study made known publicly last April and which aims to trace economic conjectures to 4,000 patrimonial points and present a forecast of visitors.

In Valladolid, the study will be presented by its coordinator, art historian Catarina Valença Gonçalves, general director of Spira, patrimonial revitalization agency, José Tavares, Nova Nova School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova, and José Maria Lobo de Carvalho, of the Heritage Observatory, also of the coordination team.

The “Heritage Days to the North” support another national presentation, today, in the days, the responsibility of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North.

Also today, but at night, the fado singer Cristina Maria, accompanied by musicians Ricardo Silva (Portuguese guitar) and João Silva (viola), acts as the most recent CD, “Livremente”, produced this year by António Neto and Fernando Nunes, and consists of twelve themes, including “Que Fazes Aí Lisboa”, “Senhora da Nazaré” and “Senhora do Almortão”.

The artist takes to Valladolid two sculptures of her own, produced this year, “Amália Rodrigues”, in white marble of Vila Viçosa and iron, and “Portuguese Guitar”, in Moroccan marble.

The biennial is defined as a multidisciplinary space, bringing together diverse cultural agents, from public institutions to foundations, companies, architecture and design ateliers, thematic tour operators, territorial-based projects, conservation companies and restoration and urban rehabilitation, universities and training centres, among others.

The Portuguese Technical Days includes a workshop on the Portuguese market, on Friday, which includes, among others, the participation of the Director-General of Cultural Heritage, Paula Araújo Silva, in a “Balance and Prospects” of the actions , in the country, by Teresa Ferreira, Turismo de Portugal, which will address the theme “Heritage as a Strategic Resource in Affirmation of Destiny”, and Gonçalo Lopes, from the Intermunicipal Community of Leiria, who will talk about “Leiria Region: Naturally Cultural and Candidature Leiria European Capital of Culture 2027 “.

This will be accompanied by an approach of the “Iberian network of traditional masters in traditional construction”, by Alejandro García Hermida, from the International Network of Traditional Architecture, and the presentation of the “Conservation and Restoration Project at Tomar Polytechnic Institute”. Ricardo Triães, from this institute.

As part of the musical participation, in addition to Cristina Maria, the national program presents on Friday the Leiria Jazz Orchestra, a project by the musician César Cardoso, started in February 2011, the group AHKORDA, composed by David Carvalhana (voice and bouzouki), Rafael Gomes (bissonoro chromatic accordion), and Samuel Louro (percussions), and on Sunday, music lessons from Aliste and Trás-os-Montes, one of the folk schools of the Spanish province of Zamora, its geographical scope to Trás-os-Montes.

On Saturday, the biennial signing ceremony of the European Fairs Convention “Herifair” will take place, and on Sunday the biennial prize will be awarded, in the context of actions for valuing the assets.

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