Big Bang LX19 – An Adventurous Music Festival

For the tenth year running, Fábrica das Artes once again presents Big Bang, the ideal festival for all those who have inquisitive ears and fearless spirits.

From early music to jazz, from classical to contemporary music, and involving installations, conjuring and a workshop for making musical instruments, this is guaranteed to be a thrilling journey for children, young people and adults.

BIG BANG is an international project that started its activity in 2010. Through this project, CCB/Fábrica das Artes has opened a space for Portuguese artists to create new artistic approaches to music for children and see their work recognized within country and across Europe.

This festival is part of an initiative by Zonzo Compagnie and aims to create a platform for the gathering of composers, musicians, performers and their creative projects, both Portuguese and European, in order to stimulate those who participate and contribute to the development of production. and performing non-commercial music for children.



Zonzo Compagnie (Belgium)

A drummer, a pianist and a bass-player transport their audience to New York in the first half of the twentieth century. As a child, Thelonious used to observe the piano keyboard over his elder sister’s shoulder and became completely fascinated by the instrument. What follows is a journey of memorable encounters, jam sessions, success stories and the bad luck that he comes up against. Being just as stubborn as he was talented, Thelonious Monk had a career filled with ups and downs, creating unpredictable music with his surprising harmonies and adventurous rhythms. However, this did not prevent him from becoming the “High Priest of Jazz”, with countless jazz standards that do justice to his name.



Spat’Sonore (France)

A structure made of brass tubes and trumpets creates a cocoon of sound within which listeners install themselves. Six operators approach the structure, which rises up and swings, hanging on hooks. They blow, scrape and strike rhythms in the air around the audience. Enveloped by the sound, we hear and feel what seem to be movements of air, subterranean jungles, bubbling oceans, exotic islands and a far-off melody.

Ensemble 258 (Portugal)

At this early music concert, five musicians-instrumentalists/singers take us on a journey into the past in order to get to know the music composed in the time of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I, when women wore corsets and men wore tights. Although the sixteenth-century clothing may seem unsuitable for the modern day, the same cannot be said of the work of some composers from the period. In this show, created by Joana Bagulho and Maria Bayley, we get to know the music of Thomas Morley, John Dowland, William Byrd, John Wilbye and Antony Holborne.


Collectif Petit Travers (France)

Combining musical composition with the work of juggling, Pan-Pot ou modérément chantant visits the repertoire for piano of various composers, ranging from Johann Sebastian Bach to contemporary composers such as György Ligeti and Mauricio Kagel. This show is a look at solitude and courageous relations. The juggler disappears amid the trajectories sketched out by his balls, his body stretched like violin strings, rhythmic, suspended and airborne and opening up for us a world of musical and graphic perceptions, the evidence of a powerful and singular beauty.


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