Bike to School Day – Clip promotes urban mobility by bicycle in Porto

Initiative involves students, parents and school staff

This post is also available in: Português (Portuguese (Portugal))

CLIP – Oporto International School will hold the Bike to School Day tomorrow, April 29, an initiative that aims to raise awareness among the school community of the need to reduce the environmental impacts caused by urban mobility and promote less polluting alternatives, such as bicycles.

During this day, CLIP encourages students, parents and staff to travel to and from school by bicycle, having established three meeting points and respective routes for the entire school community to carry out. the different routes together and safely. The initiative has the support of the Porto Municipal Police, which will ensure the safety of participants.

This day takes place as part of the celebration of the Dutch language and culture during the month of April and involves the entire school community.

In addition to raising awareness of less polluting urban mobility, CLIP also aims to encourage children, young people and parents to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle, while reinforcing the community’s connection to their city.

The advantages of using a means of transport such as the bicycle are numerous. In addition to the environmental and economic benefits, through reduced car use, more active trips to school allow children and young people to practice regular physical activity and create healthier lifestyles”, explains Edwin Kolen, Middle School Director at CLIP , and Dutch!

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