Bill Bailey presents “Larks In Transit” at Casino Estoril’s Black and Silver Room

The “master of musical comedy” takes the stage at the Salão Preto e Prata to present the show “Larks In Transit”.

Considered a genius of contemporary British comedy, Bill Bailey will debut on March 13, at 9:30 pm, at Casino Estoril.

As part of his 12th world tour, Bill Bailey performs for the first time in Portugal. Awaited with natural expectation at Casino Estoril, the British comedian thus stars in “Larks In Transit”, a compilation of stories from travelers and more than 20 years of adventures on tour.

The musical virtuosity, surreal premises and intelligence that define Bill Bailey as a living legend of British humor make the show “Larks In Transit” a must.

On stage, the comedian, who became famous for the cult series “Black Books”, follows a hilarious and humorous path that goes from politics, philosophy, death metal, passes through ring tones and ends up in an “afflictive” encounter with Paul McCartney.

It will be an unprecedented show by Bill Bailey, an artist who was considered by the Daily Telegraphy as the “most cerebral comedian of his generation”.

Tickets on sale here.

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