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Bimi is the vegetable that will liven up summer grills

In the month of Popular Saints, grills and barbecues we celebrate at home and in a healthy way. Bimi is the missing ingredient to celebrate the Saints at Home and the new star of the grill.

Bimi is the crossing of broccoli kale with kailan kale, produced in Portugal in the Ribatejo, Oeste and Sudoeste Alentejano regions. The result? A soft and tasty vegetable, with a fine stalk and small foil. More nutritious and 100% edible.

It can be cooked in any way, but in the month of Popular Saints we suggest that you follow the recipe of chef Rodrigo Castelo and use the grill or plate.

Just cook for 3 to 5 minutes so that it is al dente and does not lose its properties. It goes perfectly with meat, fish or any vegan or vegetarian dish.

Bimi has 10 essential nutrients that make this vegetable unique. In addition to excellent fiber to promote intestinal transit and facilitate digestion, it contains potassium, calcium and phosphate and twice as many B6 vitamins from peas or carrots, contributing to a healthy diet.

It is one of the best plant sources of vitamin E, which prevents the degeneration of arteries and the brain. Each 100 grams of Bimi equals 33 calories.

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