Bioglitter, silicone cup and stainless steel straw are options for Carnaval without polluting the environment

The idea is to encourage the use of these products and avoid the repetition of scenes that are becoming more and more common in the previews in Olinda. After each party day, Sitio Histórico dawns full of plastic bottles and glasses, as well as bags and aluminum cans.

For those who like makeup, one of the options for this year’s revelry is the bioglitter, which leaves the body colored, but does not harm the environment or animals.

The powder that guarantees the brightness for the carnival is being marketed by a Recife entrepreneur, based on contacts with biologists from Rio de Janeiro.

Produced with vegetable gelatine, the bioglitter also has food coloring, rice flour and eucalyptus cellulose extract, in addition to mika, a mineral used to give the shine. This type of makeup can be used even by children.

Another option for ecologically correct folia is the silicone cup. With this container, the person can go to the carnival without throwing plastic and cardboard on the streets. Entrepreneur, Jéssica Cavalcanti also sells a strip of fabric to hold the body.

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