Bispo and Bárbara Tinoco together on new single, “Planeta”

Planeta” follows the very recent theme “Pontos Finalis”, after a year and a half in silence, Bispo returns in a double dose.

Just a few days ago, Bispo had put an end to a year and a half of silence with the single “Pontos Finalis”, but the surprises did not end there. Today, the rapper presents the second single from his comeback, “Planeta”, with the special participation of the amazing Bárbara Tinoco. Now available on all digital platforms.

Planeta” is a beautiful ballad that immediately sticks in your mind after the first listen. Bispo recruited Bárbara to join him on this song and they worked together in the studio, uniting their powerful voices.

This song is all about the power of love, the power to take us to another planet and forget about everything around us, on an endless journey of knowing everything about the person we love.

“Planeta” is the second single from Bispo distributed by Virgin Music Portugal.

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