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Black Sea Dahu for the first time in Portugal

Coliseu dos Recreios

The Swiss indie band presented some of their songs in this debut in Portugal and soon in the Coliseums of Lisbon and Porto, with a promise of return.

The Black Sea Dahu, in a half-hour mini concrete, were the band that opened Ben Howard’s concert, see the report here, presented some of their themes such as “In Case I Fall for You” and “Glue”, and animated, maybe even too much, the audience, see our report on Ben’s concert, with a very lively concert, always very friendly, and even ventured to speak Portuguese.

Black Sea Dahu > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < < 2023.05.22

It was even in Portuguese that they announced a return to Lisbon and Porto the next year, this band mixes folk with indie-rock and pop, which was highly applauded and captivated the public that went to the Coliseu.

Black Sea Dahu > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < < 2023.05.22

See all the photos of the convert here.

Black Sea Dahu regressam a Portugal em fevereiro de 2024!

Os locais escolhidos para estes primeiros concertos em nome próprio da banda suíça são o Musicbox e o Plano B. As datas, os dias 15 e 16 de fevereiro respetivamente.

Os Black Sea Dahu são o projeto da compositora Janine Cathrein e a sua banda que se iniciou nas edições discográficas com o disco The Kids Of The Sun (2012) ainda com a designação de Josh. A primeira edição já com o nome Black Sea Dahu data de 2018 e é o disco White Creatures de onde saíram os singles de sucesso “Big Mouth”, “In Case I Fall For You ou My Dear”.

Black Sea Dahu return to Portugal in February 2024!

The venues chosen for these first concerts in the Swiss band’s own name are Musicbox and Plano B. The dates, are the 15th and 16th of February respectively.

Black Sea Dahu is the project of the composer Janine Cathrein and her band that started in the discographic editions with the album The Kids Of The Sun (2012) still with the designation of Josh. The first edition already with the name Black Sea Dahu dates from 2018 and is the White Creatures album from which the hit singles “Big Mouth”, and “In Case I Fall For You or My Dear” came out.

After a series of singles, live editions, and an instrumental version of White Creatures, the second album I Am My Mother is released in 2022. “Glue” and “I Am My Mother” were some of the singles that made the band begin to assert themselves, especially in the European market, originating a number of sold-out concerts and an ever-increasing number of fans. Still in 2022, the EP Orbit was released from which the single “My Guitar is to Loud” was taken. A few weeks ago, the instrumental version of “I Am My Mother” was edited.

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