Blaya is the first PALLADIUM ambassador in Portugal

Palladium chose singer Blaya to be their first female ambassador in Portugal!

Singer, composer and dancer, Blaya conveys with her contagious energy the values of a brand that, like her, has always been striking and combative. Palladium’s strong and resilient attitude is thus in close harmony with its new ambassador, a voice that has become a reference in the genres Kuduro, Funk Carioca, Bass and hip hop.

With a legion of fans with eyes on their creations, the partnership between Blaya and Palladium promises to stir the musical and urban scene, conquering new horizons with a lot of attitude and style.

Authentic and historical

Palladium was founded in 1920 in France with the core business of producing tires for the aviation industry. With the end of World War II and the decrease in demand for tires, Palladium decides to open a footwear factory in Pont du Cheruy to create a pair of equally strong and resistant boots.

In 1947 was born the legendary Pampa boot with such remarkable functionality and performance that it was adopted by the French Foreign Legion and tested in the most adverse conditions such as the desert in North Africa and the mountainous terrain of the Atlas. Today the brand has become global thanks to its unmistakable military style and timeless design, coupled with modern technologies at the service of comfort. Palladium has become the boots adored by urban explorers, ideal for exploring the street, the city, the world.

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