‘Blindness’ of Saramago’s novel on scene in New York

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After having its debut in London last August, ‘Blindness’, the English title of the novel ‘Ensaio sobre a cegueira’, began a season in New York, signaling the reopening to the public of the cultural spaces of the city, which is in the process of being mixed up.

Without actors and without a stage, ‘Blindness’ is a show signed by the English playwright Simon Stephens and is described as an experience of light and sound, with due social distance between spectators, who are in a room, sitting in pairs and equipped with headphones.

The dystopian story created by José Saramago, parable about Humanity from a strange white blindness that hits a city, is told to spectators of ‘Blindness‘ through headphones, through the voice of British actress Juliet Stevenson, and set by a conceptual work of lights and sounds inside the theater room.

The show will be on the scene in New York until September.

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