Blue Lace Campaign reaches São Brasenses homes for children’s rights

The Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth (CPCJ) of São Brás de Alportel adhered, once again, to the challenge launched by the National Commission and marks the month of April as Month of Prevention of Mistreatment.

The São Brás Commission warns that in this time of pandemic and social isolation, new challenges for families and new threats to the rights of children and young people are posed.

We all have to be even more vigilant and more attentive to all signs of mistreatment, which we must signal to the authorities! We cannot be indifferent! ” says the Commission.

For this reason, in a time of social isolation, the CPCJ of São Brás de Alportel has prepared a set of simple activities, which allow families and the community to mark this Month of Prevention of Mistreatment in each home.

Making a blue lace with materials that are available at your home and placing the bow on the window is one of the challenges, and from the next Sunday, April 26, you can adopt the “for our Children” frame on your Facebook profile.

The families can send the images of their blue laces/ribbons to the e-mail: and from the set of images received, a video will be produced in honor of all children from around the world, with the desire that they can receive love and help build a better future!

Prevention is in our hands!


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