BLUEGROWTH invests in the generation of social value

“Water for everyone and everywhere” is the motto of Bluegrowth’s new business line that is part of the fight against hunger, thirst, disease, and inequality in the world.


The new business line of Bluegrowth technology consultancy in the fields of Social Economy was built through an international business agreement in which American, Italian and Portuguese companies made a commitment to the 2.1 Billions of people around the world who are deprived access to safe drinking water.

For this scourge that is plaguing a large part of humanity, and taking into account that from the social-economic point of view the most fragile populations are affected, innovative solutions are required, which allow for an economically valid, socially balanced approach that enables empowerment of these populations in the face of this problem.

The answer lies in water desalination and purification system, designed to combat the proliferation of water-borne diseases, such as cholera, yellow fever, legionella, infectious diarrhea, among others. OffGridBox consists of a container covered with solar panels that generate enough energy to guarantee the purification or desalination of water capable of supplying more than 1500 people in isolation or in catastrophic situations.

This system was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is manufactured in Italy. With the entry of Bluegrowth, the OffGridBox will benefit from technological innovations in the areas of monitoring and control of bioprocesses, to allow remote control of equipment, as well as reducing costs and maintenance efforts. It should be noted that this technology was developed under the “Ground Zero” project – a blue fund financed by the Blue Economy Fund managed by the Directorate General for the Marine Policy. In addition, Bluegrowth will be responsible for the dissemination of these technologies. equipment in the PALOP markets.

Custody Rebocho, President of Bluegrowth, points out the importance of public incentives for the business sector to invest in generating social value: “We live in a world in great transformation. The emergence of the transition to a low carbon economy and the digital revolution is generating opportunities for us to learn how to generate value in the fight against social asymmetries and environmental scourges that are condemning the planet where we live. ”

OffGridBox is a source of revenue for local communities. Its operation is carbon neutral and contributes to the fight against thirst and the spread of diseases. The inclusion factor was also taken into account in the design of this business model: each unit employs a woman, responsible for the maintenance of the equipment, for the management of the business and for the service that is provided to the population.

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