Boa gente live presents “Ericeira: bem vindos à minha sala”

8 abril, 18h, Espaço Casa Cheia, Lisboa

Duarte Moreira, composer, and voice of the Boa Gente project will present his new album “Ericeira: Bemvindos à minha sala” live, on the 8th of April, at 6 pm, at Espaço Casa Cheia, at Rua Lopes, nº 3, in Lisbon.

The single “Sala 7” is the 2nd theme of an intimate and hauntingly beautiful journey through the grief of a child.

With a career spanning 14 years, Duarte Moreira uses the alter-ego good people to expunge what his first name normally does not allow him to do.

Now, after a gap of almost ten years, he returns to the songs with his most personal and intimate record ever, in which he processes and exorcises the mourning for his mother’s death.

“Ericeira: Bemvindos à meu sala” is therefore a raw and hard record, in which Duarte Moreira reduces the musical proposal to its most purified and fragile expression, using only the voice and the guitar. Recorded in a single take, live at the historic Valentim de Carvalho Studios, as if you were at home, sharing all your intimacy with the listener, without any tricks.

On April 8th, there will be an excellent opportunity to witness this musical project live, at the launch concert of the new work “Ericeira: Bemvindos à minha sala”, on a night of true celebration of Portuguese culture.

The album “Ericeira: Bemvindos à minha sala” is published, in physical and also digital format, on the 28th of April.

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