Bob Dylan returns to the stage where he debuted in Portugal

The American musician Bob Dylan climbs today on the stage of the Coliseu do Porto for a unique concert in Portugal and sold out since the first day of ticket sales, which is expected to be aligned fully of classics.

On the European tour, which continues until July 14 in Ireland, after returning to Spain and countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom, Dylan, 77, has presented alignments starting with “Things Have Changed“, of 2000, with which it won the Oscar of Best Original Song.

According to the official website of Dylan, which contains the alignments of the musician’s performances, the variations of the last concerts have consisted of the inclusion of “Honest With Me” from 2001’s “Love and Theft” and the replacement of “Cry While “by” Dignity “.

In the middle, there are songs like “Simple Twist of Fate“, “Like a Rolling Stone“, “Do not Think Twice, It’s Alright” and “Blowin ‘in the Wind“, according, for example, with concert alignment of Monday in Santiago de Compostela.

In Portugal, for the second time since receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, Dylan released in 2017 “Triplicate,” the first triple career album with 30 versions of American music classics, but in recent years it has also been publishing albums with live recordings of many of the concerts he has given in recent decades.

The first time Bob Dylan performed on Portuguese stage was in July 1993, at the Coliseu do Porto (where he returned in 1999) and at the Cascais Pavilion, with Sergio Godinho and the American Laurie Anderson securing the first part of both.

Today’s concert opening doors are set for 7:00 PM, with the start scheduled for 8:00 PM.

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