BodyConcept celebrates 15 years and leads in 2021

In the year in which GrupoConcept and its brand BodyConcept mark 15 years, its administrators and founders recall some moments that marked the brand’s trajectory, highlighting the continuous growth that has made this network of aesthetic clinics the leader in its sector in Portugal.

BodyConcept was born from the desire to create a new way of looking at health and beauty care in the area of ​​aesthetics in Portugal, through a concept based on a franchising network. Based on values ​​of well-being, innovation and personal development, the brand’s clinics aim to make aesthetic treatments an integral part of a healthy lifestyle that contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of clients.

To celebrate this symbolic and remarkable anniversary, BodyConcept started a series of digital actions with various influencers and public figures, in giveaway format, which aim to reward all participants, online events such as beauty talks, on social networks with brand friends and a campaign with discount on clinic services.

As of May, BodyConcept began to broadcast lives on Instagram, through the “Metades da Laranja” section, in a relaxed format, in conversation with friends of the brand, who undergo treatments in clinics and are concerned about their physical well-being and psychological in different perspectives.

Based on a strategy of proximity and action, the interaction was created in order to share the experiences of the brand’s friends with BodyConcept and also to include questions from followers, in order to clarify doubts about the treatments. This has been a fundamental concept of the brand over the years: explaining, teaching and providing information to make treatment choices more aware and personalized, according to the clients’ needs.

The creation of an exclusive line of body and face products was also a defining moment of change and added value for GrupoConcept. Concept+ was born in 2017 thinking about the needs of customers, aiming to complement the body and facial treatments carried out in the clinics.

Currently, BodyConcept has the presence of 45 clinics in Portugal, and in international markets, and still with the promise of increasing these numbers during 2021.

From January to April 2021, the brand registered a growth of 14% compared to the same period of 2020. The month of April was the best sales month in the history of BodyConcept. Compared to 2019, the growth for the month of April alone was 34%. The prospects are for continued economic growth during the second half of the year.

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