Bokor releases debut EP “A Minha Rua”

After conquering national radio stations and playlists with the single “Memo a Saber” in 2021 and setting foot on the NOS Alive Bandstand in 2022, Bokor now presents his EP of “A Minha Rua” premieres.

There are 4 tracks with very different sounds: “Mama” is a soul ballad and a hymn to those who let go of their roots and relearn to walk in the bodies of adults elsewhere, in a balanced R&B accompanied by an animated video, “A Minha Rua” represents the observing power of children who embrace and place the characters around them at the center of attention, even if they are on the margins of
society, “Conta Poupança”, the single that was the gateway to this EP is a “Jeito Alegre de Chorar ear”, finally, “Mandarim” is a folk ballad, inspired by the short story by Eça de Queiroz with the same name and a reflection on decisions whose consequences are so far from our eyes that they seem to lessen the guilt of those who made them.

The debut album is produced by “Twins” (Mimicat, Dengaz) and LEFT., Mix & Master by Sassá Nascimento, featuring Rodrigo Correia on guitar and bass and Manuel Oliveira on piano.

Bokor thus presents a first work that brings together some of his musical influences, also revealing his strong personality and concern for social issues beyond his “self” in music.

Cristina Bokor Rogeiro was born in Portugal but adopted her Croatian mother’s last name to introduce herself as a singer-songwriter. At the age of 23, she has a degree in economics, took a Jazz course at the Superior School of Music in Lisbon, and is a music teacher. It is now time to go back to the studio and prepare an album, with an increasingly strong musical personality and the right to collaborate with other national artists.

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