Bolt electric scooters arrived in Portugal

Faro is the first Portuguese city to receive the service.

Bolt announced that it has launched its electric scooter service in Portugal, starting with the city of Faro to test the service in our country.

In all, 200 units will be distributed throughout the Algarve city, which can be found via geolocation through the Bolt app. To ensure the safety of users, Bolt will limit the speed to 25km / h and also allow (via the app) to block the limit to 15km / h.

With regard to costs, the scooter will be unlocked at 1 euro and the trip itself will cost 15 cents per minute. The maximum daily value is 19 euros. It should be noted, however, that these values ​​will be applied only in the first months of launches, so that later the service will be extended to more locations.

“Bolt’s mission is to help people move around cities more quickly and easily, and electric scooters appear as an alternative to cars for short distances. We want this service to be a safe option and that’s why we provide speed control functionalities “, said via statement the head of Bolt in Portugal, David Ferreira da Silva.

The executive also adds that the company is working with the Faro City Council to “create the best practices for the conscious use of electric scooters, with the aim of betting on sustainable micromobility and improving circulation in the city”.

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