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Bonga – 50 fantastic years of career

Altice Arena

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Bonga celebrated with his fans, who filled the Altice Arena, 50 fantastic years of his career, full of music and joy, with which he enchanted generations of music lovers around the world.

José Adelino Barceló de Carvalho, Bonga, is not only one of the most important ambassadors of Angolan music, but also of music in the Portuguese language, all over the world , who were there to celebrate this date with him

It was with the Jovem de Hungo, that the concert opened, they interpreted ‘Mizangala Hungo‘ and ‘Mutudi‘, it was then that the star of the night, entered the stage, interpreted, Ahuetu’, ‘Kutandu’, ‘Kuamacove’, ‘Homem do Saco’, ‘Recordando Pió, which the audience followed singing and applauding always, followed byOlhos molhados’, ‘N’gana Ngonga’ and ‘Mona’.

Bonga > Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.19

Then came one of the most awaited moments of the night, a cake to celebrate the birthday, which Bonga offered everyone “you can all come and eat a slice, but I think it’s only enough for 20”, but also the delivery of two plaques marking the 50 years of career.

Another high point was the entry on stage by Paulo Flores, another of the great names in Angolan music and the Portuguese language, who was received with a great ovation by the public at Altice.

After going through a bit of his musical life, as an artist who has over 400 compositions of his own, 32 albums, 7 film soundtracks, is a sales record holder, he received numerous popularity awards and honors, with his themes interpreted by great names in music, this concert was just a ‘smell’ of all his talent and it was with ‘Jingonça‘ that he ended one of the best concerts of the year, and a more than fair tribute to a man who gave so much to music.

Bonga > Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.19

Concert setlist

  • Ahuetu
  • Kutandu
  • Kuamacove
  • Homem do Saco
  • Recordando Pió
  • Olhos molhados
  • N’gana Ngonga
  • Mona
  • Ambuá
  • Venda Poro
  • Diá kandumba
  • Água rara
  • Currumba
  • Frutas de Vontade
  • Ainda o país que nasceu meu pai – Paulo Flores
  • Xica Kambutra – Paulo Flores e Bonga
  • Mulemba Xangola
  • Elisa Juro
  • Minderis
  • Mariquinha
  • Kabolobo
  • Sambila
  • Jingonça

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